Not A Lot of Notley Currently On The Market

750 copies, cover by Alex Katz.  By and large, if you want a Big Sky book you can get your hands on one.  The print runs are pretty big.  Even 750 copies is a rather large run when you figure that friends and family bought this shit or those who really gave a shit.  These people are going to keep and take care of their copies.  Big Sky books are not NYT bestseller paperbacks; they were not read once and thrown away.  For whatever reason, Notley's Phoebe Light is not that common.  Maybe it is not the type of book that gets deaccessioned from personal libraries.  Maybe those who bought a copy mean to hold on to it.  Maybe it is a personal favorite.  Maybe it is a book to be dipped into from time to time.  Until death do we part.  I would not know.  Maybe I should find out.



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