Coolidge Jazz

People I know and respect swear by Clark Coolidge.  I just cannot wrap my head around it and he makes my head hurt when I try.  I get a little feeling of dread every time I come across his name in a magazine TOC.  I do not like to think very deeply or concentrate very hard; Coolidge forces you to do both.  A deadly combination.

That said, I love the idea of Coolidge.  Or I should say, my facile idea of Coolidge, which as a late John Coltrane to Kerouac's Charlie Parker.  With jazz, I find myself gravitating towards Coltrane, but with poetry I will read some of Jack's Blues before I dig into Coolidge blowing.  There is something there about how I listen vs. how I read or maybe further proof on how I do not really listen when I read.

A joint publication by Big Sky and Larry Fagin's Adventures in Poetry from 1975.  1000 copies. There are several available but Dworkin at Eclipse has loaded Polaroid as well:  here.

I like the cover of this book because it makes me think of childhood.  Not mine exactly but other man's, who I may have outgrown (I hope not!), which I read as I was myself leaving childhood and enjoyed very much.



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