The Proof Is Always With the Taste in Language Poetry

Barrett Watten typed up several issues of Big Sky for the printers where he worked.  I find that interesting.  Watten attended the Iowa Workshop and self-printed his first book on a letterpress.  I would guess he studied with or at least knew Kim Merker.  Again I find this really interesting.  The fact that Watten is a major Language poet and one of its leading theoreticians, well, not so much.  In fact what I like about Big Sky is that it captures 1970s SF without being a Language vehicle.  For example, I find the Clark Coolidge stuff to be tough sledding.  In the immortal words of Ken Beatrice, I do not like Language poetry, I do not read Language poetry, but please read Barrett Watten I hear he is delicious.  For those interested you can get a copy of Opera - Works for the price of a large order of curly fries and a Jamocha shake at Barry Streeter's Arby's.  Have at it.



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