The Phoenix and the Pearl

From Gourmet Magazine: "Five years on it may be as difficult to imagine Greenwich Village without Pearl's oyster roll as it is to imagine it without the Village Vanguard or the Washington Square Arch."
If you say so. Once upon a time 18 Cornelia Street used to be the home of the Phoenix Bookshop, where C: A Journal of Poetry and Fuck You, a magazine of the arts were printed on the store's mimeograph. In the late 1940s, Anatole Broyard ran a used bookstore at 20 Cornelia. Get a copy of his Kafka Was the Rage for the flavor of the times just after WWII.
In the meantime, get a lobster or oyster roll and imagine Greenwich Village. Tony Soprano did. He dreamed of a lobster roll from Pearl's when he was in a coma on The Sopranos.


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