Coop on Buk from Am Here Book Catalog Five

I wrote about the Am Here Books Catalog Five over at RealityStudio and as promised here are some entries from the catalog that I thought were interesting.  Here is Dennis Cooper on Charles Bukowski:

275.  BUKOWSKI, CHARLES.  It Catches My Heart In Its Hands.   New Orleans:  Loujon, 1963.  This is a most unusual copy with a fine signed and dated inscription by the author facing the colophon page.  An important and handsomely produced work.  Very fine copy.                                                                 $125

The original, extremely rare edition of what just might be Bukowski’s best book of poems is a careful and exotic production on its own terms, and the poems therein, many unavailable elsewhere, are as valid as he’ll ever get them. – D.C.
276.  BUKOWSKI, CHARLES.  Crucifix In A Deathhand.   Etchings by Noel Rockmore.  N.Y.:  Loujon/Lyle Stuart, 1965.  This copy lacks the wrap-around band.  Signed and dated by the poet facing the colophon page.  Wrappers.

This is the place to start.  A generally smart selection from a slew of his early books.  He was never this sharp and perceptive again. – D.C.
280.  BUKOWSKI, CHARLES.  Mockingbird Wish Me Luck.  L.A.:  Black Sparrow, 1972.  Wrappers.  One of 2500 copies.

One of the better collections from Bukowski’s self-conscious period.  As self-parody, it is unusually acute.  As poetry, it fares best with the young-at-brain and the overtly drunk.  The top of his slide. – D.C.


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