Paul Taylor: A Floating Bear Conversation

From Floating Bear 17:

Paul Taylor – A History

What has happened?

Once there was Dance Associates, they performed at the Master Institute.  Paul Taylor was a Dance Associate, so was James Waring.

Mr. Taylor danced The Least Flycatcher and Three Epitaphs and others.  Then Dance Associates disintegrated.  Mr. Taylor gave a concert with two beautiful dances, one to a tape of “at the tone, the time will be –“ and another of rain.  Then other concerts in which nothing happened.  And now this latest one.

Mr. Taylor made dances because he loved making them – he loved to dance them.

Love is ultimately beautiful.
Love is interesting.
Love is exciting
It was lovely to watch Paul Taylor.
Paul Taylor is not exciting.
Paul Taylor is not interesting.
Paul Taylor is not ultimately beautiful.
It is hard to watch Paul Taylor working at his job.
A job is not interesting or beautiful or exciting.

Fred Herko

From Floating Bear #19

Dear Floating Bear,

Fred Herko’s review of Paul Taylor says:  “Love is ultimately beautiful.  Love is interesting.  Love is exciting . . . Mr. Taylor is not exciting.  Mr. Taylor is not interesting.  Mr Taylor is not ultimately beautiful.”  Herko is judging Taylor by an idea.  This idea – the idea of love and art and The Unsoiled Life – is shit.  If Taylor fails by that, he’s doing fine.  Herko had better watch his language.

Edwin Denby

From Floating Bear #30

Dear Fl. Bear,

May I point out to Mr. Denby that it’s impossible to judge anything except by means of ideas.  He has misunderstood Mr. Herko’s idea – which, it seems to me, was that art is not interesting unless it is motivated by love – to give, and to share experience.

James Waring

Dear Leroy and Diana

Regarding the Paul Taylor History

I think it’s terrible that your magazine should support this kind of thing.  I get upset every time I think of Mr. Herko cowardly hiding behind the soft-headed love dialectics – Stupidity, cowardice or viciousness – there is no excuse for that article.

Alex Katz



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