You Only Regret What You Do Not Buy

Kyle has written about Bolinas Journal before and he ends his piece eagerly awaiting the Library of America collected Brainard, which includes this first offering by Berkson's Big Sky Press.  For my money, I would rather read the original.  But I have to put my money where my mouth is, which I have yet to do.  The latest BeatBooks catalog had a copy for sale.  It is still there sitting by the dock of the bay wasting time (at a very good price by the way).  I guess I do not want to read it as badly as I thought.  Maybe the time is not right.  But the look of thing definitely is.  I love this design particularly the fact that the cover is hand-drawn by Brainard.  While reading through Big Sky magazine, it was always wonderful coming across something by Brainard.  Pure pleasure.  I am sure Bolinas Journal is no different.  No doubt my failure to buy this BeatBooks copy will go down in the regrets column of the ledger.



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