The Company You Keep

1500 copies published 1976.  Tom Veitch first flickered on my radar screen because William Burroughs cut-up Veitch's Literary Days in an issue of C.  Burroughs left quite an impression on Veitch and as a result, Veitch left an impression on me.  He was kind enough to give me an interview.  I was very happy with it.   At one point, Veitch was working on a memoir about his interactions with Burroughs.  I haven't heard a word about that in years.  I have posted items related to Veitch and Burroughs a few times since the interview:  here , here and here.  Beat collectors might be familiar with Death College because of the Ginsberg afterword.  You get the sense that the works of Veitch get picked up because he has good-looking friends.  I do not think that is fair to Veitch.  Reading Veitch appearances in little mags I find that he really moves a magazine along.  I am always happy to see his name in the table of contents.  I have a complete run of Tom Veitch Magazine that I bought in the heat of my passion for Veitch about five years ago.  My lust never translated into ripping through his pages but that is going to change.



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