It Is Only Worth The Paper It Is Printed On

If you see a copy of Grass Profit Review on white paper, beware!  Not surprisingly, this ephemeral handbills were bootlegged and photocopied.  Generally they were printed on colored paper.  There seem to be copies of Issue One on yellow paper as well.  If anybody out there has variant colors, please chime in.

Issue One:  Two-sided on orange paper
Issue Two:  Two-sided on green paper
Issue Three:  Two-sided on salmon paper
Issue Four:  Two-sided on yellow paper
Issue Five:  Two-sided on blue-green paper
Issue Six:  Two-sided on pink paper
Issue Seven:  One-sided on white paper
Issue Eight:  Two-sided on white paper
 Issue Nine:  Two-sided on green paper
Issue Ten:  Two-sided on yellow paper



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