Grass Profit Review No. 1

Back in those days of yore when I actually posted shit, I did a little series on the mimeo from the streets of Berkeley in the days around the 1965 Poetry Conference.  Poems Read in the Spirit of Peace and Gladness (1966) was an anthology as tombstone, which immortalized the summers of the mid-1960s before the Summer of Love of 1967.  By 1968, peace and gladness was far from the minds of the Berkeley street poets.  Grass Profit Review marks the shift from the Summer of Love to the Days of Rage.  The Review was put out by a group of poets spearheaded by Richard Krech.  There are some bits and pieces on Grass Profit Review on Big Bridge and other places that I will dig around in the coming weeks.

Here is Issue 1 re-published on the net almost 46 years after it passed from hand to hand in Berkeley.  This might deserve a bit of thought; we'll see what I can muster.  Be on the look out for all ten issues.



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