Crossing Streams

Jason Davis has come through yet again and sent me a ton of images of Mimeo Revolution classics that were not feature in Secret Location.

From Jason:

LONG DONGS, edited by d.a. levy
Cleveland: 7 Flowers Press, 1966
First edition, stapled sheets tipped into printed wrappers, 5.5″ x 8.5″, 30 pages, 300 copies, letterpress and mimeograph, cover art by Beorna, contributors: Joe Nickell, Steve Richmond, Douglas Blazek. (T&H P-77; DenBoer A1)

"This is Blazek's first book appearance (A1 in DenBoer's Blazek bibliography even though I suppose it's an anthology of sorts). While it's not the first published intersection of Blazek and levy (Blazek appeared in the M Quarterly #2, and #4 in 1965 and they appeared together in multiple mags together that year including Blitz#2, Border Vol.1, No.3,Gooseberry Vol.1, No.2, Input 5, and more; levy also appeared in Ole 2 in the same year), it's the first non-periodical appearance for Blazek, a milestone, and one wrought by levy... long dongs indeed..."

levy and Blazek cross streams here and like in Ghostbusters such a merger is powerful stuff.  The results could literally destroy the universe.  Long Dongs is described as a Blazek stopper.  It is a wonder that such categories actually exist.  Yet there is a Blazek bibliography so there are Blazek collectors.  The experience of reading through Ole tells me that this is as it should be.  Blazek, like Sanders and Berrigan, is a mimeo icon.  Likewise Long Dongs is a mimeo classic.



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