Mark My Words

I want to give a shout out to James Jaffe Booksellers for providing me that mailing information for a partial run of Floating Bear they currently have on sale.  See

I have updated my tracking chart of Floating Bears with issues that went to Gary Snyder, James Laughlin and our friend Denise Levertov as well as some other names and addresses I have collected over the past few months.  See

I really appreciate James Jaffe Booksellers the time and effort in providing me with the information.  They did not have to do it.  BUT.  Yes, but I have to bite the hand that feeds me.  Let's call it constructive criticism.  Nowhere in their catalog entry do they mention that certain issues have mailing labels to Snyder, Laughlin or Levertov.  That, my friends (besides the Issue 2, a tough one to get along with the first issue, maybe tougher than Issue 24), is the selling point.  It should be mandatory operating procedure to include such information when dealing with Floating Bear.  In such details lies the value.  Ever since the now infamous Between the Covers Mimeo catalog this is clear.

Take the envelope above that mailed an issue to Larry Schnell.  This is pure gold.  All the frankings are the relish which make the dog, or should I say Bear.  Do you not see the Dada in the "Returned to Writer"?  The interesting detail that the American Theatre for Poets and Floating Bear had the same address.  The date stamp confirming the year of that address.  The nice detail of the Lincoln stamp.  The fetish attached to the tatoos of a now dying mailing system.  Individual issues of Floating Bear have all the same markings and characteristics.

The days of mint mimeo are over.  Nothing is more boring and lacking in value than a clean, unmailed issue of Floating Bear.  Mint is not mint.  "Good" condition is the new gold standard in mimeo.  I have said this numerous time before but, obviously, it bears repeating.



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