Mr. Gutenberg, he dead

At the NY Book Art Fair, Kyle and I walked into a hive Buzz Spectoring with activity on the second floor. Books and mags everywhere.  The world seemed awash with print. My first reaction was “Ah, yes, print is not dead.”  But hours later the buzz wore off.  Possibly my initial euphoria had more to do with The Shannon Pot across the street than with what was brewing old school.

I got to thinking of that other Shannon (Claude), Pynchon, and entropy.  There is a second law of print that goes something like “With the death of print culture, there is a corresponding increase in the production of information.”  Or maybe “As the heat of a system dissipates, there develops a case of Archive Fever.” Sadly, the scene at PS 1 was further proof that Mr. Gutenberg, he dead.  Does not the flood of ink at PS 1 mimic the final spurts of blood, the rush of a soul exiting a corpus?



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