To kick off Mimeo Mimeo 7: The Lewis Warsh Issue, we'll be posting a book a day from the bibliography. Here's Warsh's third book:

3. MOVING THROUGH AIR. New York, NY: Angel Hair Books, 1968. 9x12" 40 pages. (P)
Offset, saddle-stapled chapbook. Black-and-white cover by Donna Dennis. Printed in a first edition of 500 copies by the Chapel Press, Williamstown, Massachusetts, for Angel Hair. 25 copies numbered and signed by the artist and author, with an additional poem written by the author.

“Most of the Angel Hair books, up to this point, were printed by the Chapel Press in Williamstown. Anne Waldman and I decided to search for a printer in the city and we found one in Soho and hired them to print Moving Through Air. But it came out horribly, especially the cover, which was not on the paper we requested. They printed the whole edition, and so we were stuck with these boxes of books. We went back to the Chapel Press and they redid the whole edition. I used to have copies of the so-called suppressed edition but I don’t know what became of them (there were at least 500). This book contained all my best poems so far, including ‘The Suicide Rates,’ and the journal entry ‘Halloween’ from the New York Diary I’d kept in October 1967.” (LW)


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