To celebrate the new Lewis Warsh issue of Mimeo Mimeo, we'll be posting one of his books a day for the next month or so. All text in the second paragraph is written by Warsh. To order a copy, including a complete bibliography, ten new short stories, five new poems, an extensive interview conducted by Steve Clay, introduction by Daniel Kane, and collages, just click on the link to the right. Enjoy! Here's Lewis' second book of poems:

2. HIGHJACKING. [New York, NY]: Boke Press, 1968. 8½x11" 40 pages. (P)
Mimeo, side-stapled tĂȘte-bĂȘche with On the Wing by Anne Waldman. Black-and-white cover[s] by Joe Brainard. 500 copies, 25 signed by the author[s] and artist. Onionskin endpapers with black cover stock between Warsh and Waldman’s poems. 

“Boke Press was Joe Brainard’s press in the mid-sixties and it was Joe’s idea to do a book in this format—Highjacking on one side, flip it over, On the Wing by Anne Waldman. Some of the poems in this book appeared later in my other books, but some of them never saw the light of day beyond this publication. I think, in those days, I had a blind spot in choosing my poems. I could never tell which were the best, or which went best together. This was something I eventually figured out how to do, but I was twenty-three when Joe asked me for this book. I knew a few things, but there was a lot I didn’t know. I thought I knew more than I knew, if that makes sense. I’d written some poems that were good and some poems that were not as good and sometimes I couldn’t tell the difference. I like this book, though, because of Joe’s covers, and because of the format. Anne and I had just married, and this was his gift.”


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