Shrugging (and Frugging) in the Face of Death

It means everything that Freddie Herko's funeral program was a mimeograph production.  Herko and mimeo sound good together and make a beautiful and haunting elegy.  Obviously the ephemeral, fleeting, fragile nature of mimeo comments on Herko's life and the way he lived it.  It also highlights these same characteristics which defined not only his art but also his manner of approaching it.  Likewise, mimeo is careless as in reckless.  But also carefree, not as in without cares or worries or obsessions, as Herko (and mimeo) surely had those, but as in free from concerns about day-to-day affairs and leaving a trace once one's day is done.

Yet it is precisely this attitude of Herko and these attributes of mimeo that suggest that, for some people and institutions, Herko and mimeo will live forever.  Herko's dance with death and his casual embrace of life make certain that he will always be remembered.  Similarly mimeo's disposable nature, its insouciance, its devil-may-care stance toward the future, and its obsolescence as a technology create an impression, leave a mark in collectors' hearts, minds, and souls thus driving mimeo's run at immortality.

The above funeral program and the performances documented (yet forever lost) within it symbolize the significant insignificance of Herko and mimeo.



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