Mimeo Mimeo: The Paysite

Okay I’ll admit it I do not want to go back to Baltimore. Maine is paradise. So in a desperate attempt to stay up here for the duration, I am considering making Mimeo Mimeo a pay site. As you may have noticed I have been posting a lot. I hope, and am banking on the fact, that you enjoy it. From what I can tell, Mimeo Mimeo has about fifteen consistent readers.

What I am asking for: The low, low sum of $333 a month.

What you, the subscriber receive:

A guaranteed thirty posts a month. Mind you, I am currently crushing that amount, so you may even get forty-five posts a month. That is pure, delicious gravy.You do not get charged for those extra posts. That is my gift to you, my subscribers.

Three drunken phone calls a week from the author. I promise I will be well lubricated on a variety of Maine-crafted microbrews, topped off with some Pabst Blue Ribbon and Ballantine Ale. I will make sure to call at inopportune times, like when you are trying to sleep, play with your kids, or eat dinner. Topics of conversation will range from how delightful the weather is up here to anything about the Mimeo Revolution and little magazines. I will no doubt be incoherent and belligerent and will rant about the evils of mainstream publishing and the merits of My Own Mag until I pass out. A good time for all.

A book scouting service: Each subscriber will receive three books a month from my various trips to yard sales, library book sales, dumps, junkyards, and used book stores. These selections will have absolutely nothing to do with your personal interests but will solely be books that catch my attention. For example, today you, if you had paypalled me the low, low sum of $333, you could have received a book on the FBI’s crusade against the Black Panthers and American Indian movement.  Who knew the librarians at Blue Hill were such radicals?

A life-long subscription to the print edition of Mimeo Mimeo. Upcoming issues include a Lewis Warsh issue and a curators’ choice issue. Each issue will come with a handwritten note from the editor on Mimeo Mimeo letterhead, describing a hike in Acadia National Park.

For an additional $1200 dollars, which is only 12 payments of $100 over the course of a year, roughly the cost of a Dead Language handbill, you can spend a weekend with me and my wife at Birches Bend. Accommodations include a double bed, full shower facilities, 3G wi-fi, one lobster dinner (2 lb lobsters from Perry’s of Surrey) complete with beverages of your choice and ice cream from Morton Moo with your blueberry pie. Please inquire now, as weekends are limited.

If you have been enjoying the recent posts to Mimeo Mimeo, you will no doubt see the incredible value of a year-long subscription. I look forward to your response.



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