Announcement: Opening of Birches Bend Art Gallery

Special Announcement: We are happy to announce the opening of Birches Bend Art Gallery here in Maine. Our first exhibition will be a sculpture/installation by yours truly.

I love Ballantine Ale. Whenever I see that green half quart can, I have to buy a six pack as did Ernest Hemingway and Jasper Johns before me. Ballantine Ale is the nectar of the creative giants.

Not surprisingly, quaffing Ballantine Ale has sent me into a creative frenzy. I am currently in the process of constructing a sculpture out of empty Ballantine cans. The empty cans suggest the decline of Modernist greats like Hemingway and point to how postmodern artists like Jasper Johns recycled the art of the previous generation. Additionally the sculpture is a monument to the great watering holes that quenched the thirst for knowledge of generations of artists and writers.

The sculpture will be installed in the basement space of Birches Bend Art Gallery in the fall of this year. Currently, I am in the process of purchasing bathroom fixtures from the Cedar Tavern, including bathroom troughs, to complete the piece. Attendees of the exhibition will be served unlimited amounts of Ballantine Ale and be invited to “make use” of the sculpture, in an effort to allow the general public to experience what it was like to stand beside the greats of art and literature. The piece is tentatively entitled Postmodern Art Makes Me Want to Go to the John.

Price: $1,000,000. Serious inquiries only. By appointment only.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in the early work of an soon-to-be iconic artist.

Richard Prince, are you listening?


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