Herko in Mimeo

Mimeo harkens back to the origins of its medium.

Mimeo is an infernal art.

Mimeo is an art of hopeless possibility.

Mimeo is a dying art.

Mimeo is a dead technology.

Mimeo is the product of the intense concentration of a disordered mind.

Mimeo requires meticulous attention, yet the results are always sloppy.

Mimeo is the medium of speed.

Mimeo maps the secret locations of amphetamine consciousness.

Mimeo is inarticulate and crude, yet attempts unceasingly to speak of beauties, deaths, and truths.

Mimeo documents a forgotten, lost, neglected history.

Mimeo is an otherwise expression.

Mimeo is a rite mis-performed.

Mimeo is an act of irreverent worship.

Mimeo is an inside joke, which is deadly serious.

Mimeo is intended for a small, intimate audience of the initiated, who cannot agree on what just occurred.

Mimeo has to be seen to be believed, yet one always wonders if it really happened.

Mimeo can never be re-enacted after its initial performance.

Mimeo is always misread and misunderstood.

Mimeo demands re-reading but that act of reading is Heraclitian.

Mimeo is of its time and that time is fleeting and of the moment.

Mimeo is short and to the vanishing point.

Mimeo is flaming and consumes itself.

Mimeo is like yelling “Fire” in a crowed theater.

Mimeo is of the street not the archive.

Mimeo is meant to be experienced not preserved.

Mimeo defies preservation and, like the smoke after a fireworks display (think Kerouac), will eventually disappear.

Mimeo when preserved is like a fossil or a skeleton (digitally it is an x-ray). The flesh, the hair, the blood, the nerves, the heart, the brain, the guts are long since gone and cannot be accurately (maybe even approximately) represented.

Mimeo is not collected, it is mis-recollected.

Mimeo is best experienced in the moment and then forgotten.

Insert “A Herko performance” for the word “Mimeo” above.


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