Where the Magick Happens

Dave Haselwood designed The Hotel Wentley Poems but he did not print it. East Wind Printers did the honors and according to Haselwood they botched it. Haselwood's "vision of what the book should look like was not completely carried through. That made me decide that in the future I would not only design but personally print any book the Press decided to do." The above announcement card definitely does not have that Auerhahn feel to it and handling this announcement vs. the Auerhahn business cards reveals a clear difference in print quality.

From what I can tell, Auerhahn called 1605 Laguna home and then moved to 1334 Franklin. By the time of Andrew Hoyem's arrival in 1961, the print shop was at 1334 Franklin. Glenn Todd remembers the two men printing in a small room there. The Hotel Wentley was on 1214 Polk and Haselwood had a small room on rent that he loaned to John Wieners for a week, during which Wieners banged out his slim first collection of poems. Foster's Cafeteria was on the first floor of the Wentley Building. Foster's is long gone, but, in February of 2009, the Bed Bug Registry reported a complaint for an apartment at this address. Good to see things have not totally changed.

Here is Jack Hirschman's 1961 review of The Hotel Wentley Poems published in The Village Voice http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1299&dat=19610302&id=PmoQAAAAIBAJ&sjid=3osDAAAAIBAJ&pg=5952,1432773



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