The Jed Birmingham Stopper

In my wettest of dreams I fantasized about creating the ultimate Jed Birmingham rarity. My own personal Floating Bear 24. A stopper. Well, happily Kyle and I have done it with Mimeo Mimeo 6: The Poetry Issue.

What were we thinking when we printed 151 copies? I can only say that we do Mimeo Mimeo for love not profit. Once the contributors got their copies and the institutions snatched theirs for the growing Mimeo Mimeo archive, the numbers dwindled. Then 16 pre-orders demanded to be filled. We are getting down to 120 copies. Remember Floating Bear #1 was only 117 copies. Do you own a copy of Floating Bear #1? I did not think so.

Then the hardcore Jed Birmingham collectors got their copies. Mimeo Mimeo 6 threatens to become unobtainable, like the possibly apocryphal holograph manuscript of The Finkleton Fish, a blatant Berenstain Bears ripoff written in Jed's early, impressionable years. Presumed lost, possibly burned out of embarrassment. The foremost Birmingham collector in the world, my Mom, who incidentally was the uncredited illustrator on Finkleton Fish, got her copy on February 19th. My wife is getting her presentation copy, soon to find its way into an institution along with all her inscribed copies I am sure. Or Ebay. Like sands through the hourglass the issues of Mimeo Mimeo 6 trickle away.

Have I mentioned that Kyle Schlesinger is highly collectible? This is a documented fact. The internet says so. The Schlesinger collectors are making a run on Mimeo Mimeo 6. Have I mentioned the contributors, Bill Berkson, John Godfrey, Ted Greenwald, Joanne Kyger, Kit Robinson, Rosmarie Waldrop, Lewis Warsh, and Geoffrey Young. Cover art by George Schneeman. Surely not as heavily sought after as Birmingham and Schlesinger but well worth reading all the same.

Please I beseech you order your copy of Mimeo Mimeo 6 now. You do not want a hole in your run. Dare I say an emptiness in your soul.



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