Divison Leap in the House, Y'all

Let's state for the record that this Auerhahn marathon started with some ephemera I bought from Division Leap. Much love to Divison Leap. Well, here is a piece of ephemera from the Batman Gallery provided by Adam and Kate. Division Leap will step to the mike and represent:

[Batman Gallery et al]. Voices: 1962-63. Poetry Readings in San Francisco, Big Sur, & Monterey. [San Francisco]: Batman Gallery & Big Sur Hot Springs & Ring's, 1962. 6 x 7". Printed on recto in black on thick orange card stock. Folded once, light creasing to lower tips, else very good. The program for this collaborative series of readings hosted by Batman Gallery, Big Sur Hot Springs, and Ring's. The Big Sur Hot Springs eventually became the intellectual retreat known as Esalen. For each poet or event, three consecutive dates are listed, indicating the order of venues, beginning in San Francisco at the Batman Gallery, travelling to Big Sur Hot Springs, and concluding at Ring's, in Monterey. Though the printing is unattributed, it appears to be the work of the Auerhahn Press. Poets and events listed include Lew Welch with Kirby Doyle, Philip Whalen, David Meltzer & Andrew Hoyem, George Hitchcock, Jack Foss & Geoffrey Brown, Jack Gilbert, John Thomas & Richard Barker, Michael McClure, and James Broughton. Also listed is a performance of "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" adapted by Sheila Goldes, with a cast of 11. A beautifully printed and rare piece of ephemera documenting several important readings, as well as the collaborative nature of the venues and poets at the time in Central California. Auerhahn p. 88.



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