Fly By Night to Flying High

Here is another Dave Haselwood production from 1967: Philip Whalen's T/O. Paper cut outs on the cover; only 80 copies sewn into wrappers. Like Wieners' Chinoiserie (100 copies), T/O has a straight to the archive feel to it. This book was designed for book collectors and bibliophiles, not your everyday readers of poetry.

Haselwood talks about wanting to go in a different direction than Hoyem. For Auerhahn Press, it was about selling books for a $1 so "everyone could have one." Beautifully produced and designed books but at low cost and at 750 to 1000 copies, truly available to everyone. Titles like T/O reveal that when Haselwood parted with Hoyem and started the Haselwood imprint he did not leave Hoyem and his business model behind.

For collectors, publications like T/O are irresistable. Flies drawn to the spider's web. Today, copies are rather high end at around $500.



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