Limited Editions of the Mimeo Revolution

Over at RealityStudio, I posted a piece on the "do they or don't nature" of the limited editions of Fuck You Press. See As in do they exist or not. Is there really a Boiling Sperm Edition of Fuck You, a magazine of the art Number 5, Volume 2 to say nothing of The Trembling Buttock Edition of Bugger? In over a decade of collecting Fuck You Press, I have not seen anything that would suggest a subset of signed limiteds designed for collectors or contributors. I have no reason to believe they do not exist. My gut tells me they should. Why wouldn't they? It seems right up Sanders' alley to do something like this.

In fact, such limiteds do exist for Ted Berrigan's C Press. Burroughs and Gysin's Time has a few different numbered and lettered limited editions as the image of Time above proves. See also In addition a de facto limited edition exists for C: A Journal of Poetry Vol. 1 No. 4 and it is truly amazing. Brian Cassidy currently has a copy for sale:

The Edwin Denby issue of C and its limited edition highlight the fact that the mimeo magazine can be considered an artist multiple as suggested by In Numbers. I would argue that the Boiling Sperm Edition of Fuck You and the boxed limited edition hard covers designed by underground comix artist Bill Beckman, provided they exist, would fall into this category. To say nothing of an artist's book like The Complete Sex Poems of Ed Sanders, a hard cover limited edition of 50 copies, to which "Sanders has designed & added his infinite sex drawings."



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