The Big Bang

Or should I say the Shot Heard Round the World? The point is that these publications out of Camp Angel in Waldport, Oregon are (if Clay and Phillips are to be believed) one of the starting points for the Mimeo Revolution. The Fine Arts at Waldport is an eight page mimeographed booklet/pamphlet from 1944 that was used as the prospectus to describe the Fine Art School at Camp Angel. X War Elegies was printed by The Untide Press in 1943. Individual War Elegies appeared in issues of the alternative Waldport paper, The Untide.

These publications are some of the incunabula of the Mimeo Revolution. Others being The Experimental Review, The Ark, Semina, Merlin, Folder, Suck Egg Mule, Contact, and Four Winds. Let define mimeo incunabula as those publications printed before 1957, when the Mimeo Revolution blew up into a supernova with the appearance of The San Francisco issues of The Evergreen Review, The Black Mountain Review and (slightly later in 1958) The Chicago Review.

Publications out of Waldport are the very definition of ephemeral. Fragile and rare to be sure. Thanks to Ted Dunn for providing the images.



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