Shriek! Shriek! Ed Sanders/Glyphs

It seems like years ago that I went to The Arm in Brooklyn for the Ed Sanders Glyph show. I got there very early and had the pleasure of spending some time with Jon Beacham, Dan Morris and Ed Sanders. Sadly, it seems even longer that I received a package from Jon enclosing a collection of unpublished Glyph poems from that show. I have been meaning to post some images but the summer blues have gotten the best of me.

I was clean up my bookshelf today and I spent some quality time with the Glyphs and, well, they cheered me up and inspired me. Thanks Jon. Only 250 copies were printed in this numbered edition and they were issued in May so I am not sure how many are left, but they are a real treat.

Looking around the Internet, it appears that Sanders is editing his book on the Fugs, Peace Eye and Fuck You Press. I am literally panting for this book to come out. In talking to Sanders at the Glyph show he revealed he still has the stencils for the completed but never published Fuck You, a magazine of the arts, Vol. 5 Issue 10. As Sanders was quick to say, his mimeograph machine is still operational. While I would love to see Jon, Dan and Ed combine forces and put out that long lost issue, revisiting the Glyph Poems today was just what I needed to get excited about the Mimeo Revolution, both past and present, again.


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