David Meltzer Archive

Almost ten years ago, I was given a small archive of material mailed to David Meltzer in the mid-1960s. There was some cool artwork, some great letters and a whole lot of names I did not recognize. Like "i". Who the fuck was she? I knew she wrote some kick ass letters to Meltzer but that was all. Then Semina Culture came out and this archive became a lot more interesting. "i", Idell, Aya Tarlow was a member of the Berman Circle. She was married to light show pioneer Elias Romero (I have a letter from him to Meltzer as well) and George Herms published her Zen Love Poems. Yes, Herms letters and drawing are in the archive as well.

And then we at Mimeo Mimeo published the David Meltzer interview and this stuff became even more interesting. Robert Alexander aka Baza published Tarlow's Marks of Asha in 1963.

Here is what I think given the Hollywood postmark is an envelope from Tarlow to Meltzer from 1966.



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