Granary Books: Artists' Books Collection Spring 2011

I cannot figure out how to cut and paste text into here but I just received notice of a Granary Books Artists' Books sale. Here is a transcription of the notice (Sorry for any errors of transcription): Artists' Book Collection Spring 2011 Granary Books is pleased to offer for sale a broadly representative collection of approximately 600 artists' publications spanning the years 1960-2010 assembled with an eye to an eclectic range of engagement with ideas and form. In "The Century of Artis' Books" Johanna Drucker describes multiple "zones of activity" within which artists explore and interact with the book. She devotes entire chapters to: The Artist's book as a Democratic Multiple The Codex and its Variations The Book as Visual Form The Book as Verbal Exploration The Book as Sequence: Narrative and Non-Narrative The Artist's Book as an Agent of Social Change The Book as Conceptual Space The Book as Document Key examples of each of these paradigmsn ae here present enhancing and defining the collection's value as an important site for scholarly and artistic research, teaching and exhibition. Among the dozens of artist included are: Ida Applebroog, Eleanor Antin, Arakawa, Alice Aycock, John Baldessari, Banco de Ideas, AA Bronson, Marcel Broodthaers, Bill Burke, Coracle Press (including more than 100 publications from this important British artists' press operated by Simon Cutts and Erica Van Horn), Tennessee Rice Dixon, Henrik Drescher, Johanna Drucker, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Hamish Fulton, Philip Gallo, Ralph Gibson, Walter Hamady, David Horton, Shelley Hoyt, Susan Johanknecht, Robin Kahn, Shelagh Keeley, Ruth Laxson, Jean le Gac, Warren Lehrer, Sol Lewitt, Paul Etienne Lincoln, Richard Long, Little Cockroach Press, Ochiishi, Dieter Roth, Ed Ruscha, Purgatory Pie Press, Robert Smithson, Buzz Spector, Telfer Stokes, Michelle Stuart, Barbara Tetenbaum, Hans Waanders and Janet Zwieg. The works are not available as individual items, but as a collection only. For a complete catalog (in PDF) and price please contact Steve Clay JB


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