Bon Voyage, Kyle

Kyle is in Paris for the Collaboration and the Artists Book Conference.

Needless to say I am jealous and I would like to be there. Well, every book is a voyage so let's dig into the archives and journey away to Paris Mimeo Mimeo-style.

How about a very Parisian little mag that isn't really Parisian at all. I always think of Locus Solus as from the City of Lights. It is sophisticated like that, and as Clay and Phillips mention it has a Gallimard feel to it.

But the copyright page lists Lans-en-Vercors, a skiing town near Grenoble, as the headquarters of Locus Solus. On a side note, I stayed in Grenoble for 3 hideously drunken days in 1992, at a friend of a friend's host family, generally making a nuisance of myself. Beautiful country as I recall. Surprised if I would be invited back.

It was edited by New York School poets and was actually printed for the most part in Geneva. Furthermore, the first volume was printed in Mallorca and, to be honest, it looks just like a Divers Press book.

So go figure. I guess we didn't exactly make it to Paris after all. We'll try again tomorrow.



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