Yesterday I may have neglected to mention that Creeley and Okamura were both living in Bolinas at the time 1o2o3o4o5o6o7o8 o9o0 was published. Creeley moved to the former fishing village in 1970 and stayed until 1973, when he moved to Buffalo where he was appointed Professor of English in 1967. Bolinas was the home to many writers and artists, including Donald Allen, Bill Berkson, Richard Brautigan, Aram Saroyan, Bob Grenier, Stephen Ratcliff, Joanne Kyger, and others.

A Day Book (Scribner’s, 1972) is comprised of two sections, the first prose (or prose poem) and the second poetry. Robert Indiana, with whom Creeley collaborated on Numbers in 1968, designed the covers and Holbrook Teter of Zephyrus Image did the typesetting after Creeley opposed the proofs prepared by Scribner’s. Although I’m tempted to summarize here, I suggest getting the story behind the story from Alastair Johnston’s Zephyrus Image (Poltroon Press, 2003).


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