A Brief Intermission

Robert Creeley arrived at SUNY Buffalo in 1967 in what became Black Mountain North. From what I have read, the campus was rocking in those days. The revolution was televised. Here is proof: Check out at around the 3 minute mark:

Here is an account written almost a decade later.
The John Sinclair manifesto on the gatefold of the MC5's first album (a live record) ties in with the Mimeo Revolution given Sinclair's publishing activities in Detroit mimeo (Change, Work, Whe're, the Detroit Artists Workshop). It is interesting that the clip of the MC5 at Buffalo is labeled as a media conference as it was the New Worlds Drug Conference in February 1969 that culminated with the MC5 inciting the crowd to a riot, but not really surprising as underground media could not be separated from drug culture. Leslie Fiedler who was teaching at Buffalo at the time stated, "The end of both drugs and the arts is exaltation and ecstasy." Michael Aldrich ("Dr. Dope") was finishing up his Ph.D at Buffalo and was the head of Buffalo LEMAR. Aldrich's Marijuana Review was founded at this "media" conference. Music, Marijuana and Mimeo Revolution all "come together" in this clip.


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