Another A DAY BOOK

When I was researching A Day Book last week for the Mimeo Mimeo blog, I stumbled on a hardcover copy for sale online for four dollars. There was no description listed, so I asked the seller to provide details, which for some reason proved impossible, but I went for it anyways. Hardcovers aren’t as plentiful as the paperbacks, and it is seldom that one finds a copy with the original Mylar dustjacket intact—the title and author’s name are actually printed in white on the transparent plastic and Indiana’s calendar art is printed on the boards. I was prepared to receive a marked-up library discard or at best a copy devoid of the jacket, but to my delight, a near-mint copy arrived in yesterday’s mail. The spine on my paperback copy is quite stiff, so reading it without cracking it has always been something of a preoccupation, while the hardcover is far more flexible.


Waiting for a bus,
the bus, vehicle gets me
home to something
where dinner

is prepared with care,
love is found in the icebox,
the bed made, the
clock strikes eleven.

Oh love, oh rocks,
of time, oh ashes I
left in the bucket, —
care, care, care, care.



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