The 4th issue of MIMEO MIMEO is now available! 

Featuring interviews with Tom Raworth, David Meltzer, and Trevor Winkfield; essays by Richard Price, Ken Edwards, and Alan Halsey; a selection of letters from Eric Mottram to Jeff Nuttall; and a long out-of-print statement by Asa Benveniste, poet and publisher of London’s legendary Trigram Press. Cover by Trevor Winkfield.

Mimeo Mimeo is a forum for critical and cultural perspectives on artists' books, typography and the mimeograph revolution. This periodical features essays, interviews, artifacts, and reflections on the graphic, material and textual conditions of contemporary poetry and language arts.

Mimeo Mimeo 5 features Michael Klausman on poetry LP art; a lost essay by Paul Blackburn on the mimeograph revolution; Jim Sullivan on The Gallery Upstairs; Abel Debritto on Charles Bukowski and the little magazines; Alan Loney on Robert Duncan’s typewriter; Bill Stewart on current trends in artists’ book collecting; an interview with Larry Fagin; Steve Clay on Robert Creeley and Marisol's Presences; and more. Cover by Buzz Spector. Summer, 2011.

Mimeo Mimeo 6 will focus on poet, novelist and publisher Lewis Warsh. Winter, 2012.


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