Heliczer's The Soap Opera

The Soap Opera, by Piero Heliczer. Edition of 500 hardcover copies designed, printed and published by Trigram Press in 1967. Cover by Paul Vaughn. Contributors include Wallace Berman, Jack Smith, Paul Vaughan, Andy Warhol, and others.

My warped copy is inscribed to the English painter John Walker: “to john walker in memory of all the borstal boys he has helped (& i hope the lord will look after the bernards & brendans of the world) with love from Piero"

Title page of The Soap Opera. 
Verso: “Mandala” by Robert Harding Brown. 
Recto: “still from Bengasi” by Augusto Genina. Piero (on the right) starred in this extremely popular fascist film at the age of 5 in Italy—this may, or may not, shed some light on the inscription to Walker. 

“The Autumn Feast”; opposite still of Heliczer in Warhol’s Screen Tests.


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