On the Wing/Highjacking

My wife is upstairs in bed (Angel Hair sleeps . . .) and I am sitting downstairs looking through some recent purchases, like On the Wing/Highjacking by Waldman and Warsh, published by Brainard's Boke Press with Brainard covers.
It is published dos a dos and given how cozy and peaceful my surroundings this morning I would love this book to be a happy marriage, but it is no longer 1967 (Yes, it's 1967, & we've been killing time with life/But at Lewis and Anne's we live it "up") and the summer of love. On the Wing/Highjacking was published in 1968 and there is the air of a hangover. People have moved on from killing time to other targets. And for Warsh and Waldman the time to move on is also approaching.
It is a shame because I have such warm and tender love for that apartment at 33 St. Marks Place, between Third and Second Avenues.


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