Living with Chris

C Press gets all the pub, but Joe Brainard and Kenward Elmslie's Boke Press is a headliner as well. This is Living with Chris from 1965, a collaboration of Berrigan and Brainard. Living with Chris is textbook Brainard illustration from the mid-1960s. I always think of this book in connection with C Comics, also printed by Boke Press during this time. 100,000 Fleeing Hilda, On the Wing/Hijacking (printed dos a dos), The Baby Book, City Junket, (in tandem with Larry Fagin's Adventures in Poetry), Shiny Ride, and Recent Vistors are some other titles from the Press that constitute a backlist that is every bit as impressive as C Press and fine (if under appreciated) examples of NYC mimeo printing.


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