A Pulp Magazine for the Dead Generation

Published by Piero Heliczer's Dead Language Press in Paris in 1959, a pulp magazine for the dead generation is a remarkable mix of pulp and fine press. The "magazine" is letterpressed but it has a grungy mimeo feel. It is appropriate that Gregory Corso is featured, the grungiest of all the Beats. The cover is a roughly-textured blue paper that contrasts nicely with the newsprint inside. Until the Beats arrived in the mid-1950s, poetry was cold and emotionless. Heliczer wrap Corso's poems in folded sheets like a dead fish, a warning to academic poetry that after the mimeo revolution academic poetry would sleep with the fishes.



Supervert said...

That looks like an awesome zine. The title alone makes the thing worth having. Was it just a one-off?

Nick ter Wal said...

I'm also looking for a copy of this magazine!

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