My Most Recent Pickup

The bias of Secret Location is a bias I share. Looking through my bookshelves, the little mag landscape it presents is bi-coastal. Slowly I am filling in the flyover zone. I got ahold of Whe're and Work a few weeks ago and I just gathered together Douglas Blazek's Ole.
There is something gritter about Middle America mimeo in format and content. J, C, M are all art pieces. C Comics definitely so. Even Fuck You, which is considered gritty and punk, is also somewhat glitzy and glamorous as the ties to Warhol and the New York Art Scene make clear.
It is not surprising that J, C, M, C Comics, and Fuck You are the mimeos that are prized by collectors. I am no different, the collecting equivalent of a starfucker, but sooner or later I will start picking up the whores of the Meat School Poets, like those in Ole.


jadecar said...

Thank-you for posting these images of Ole.
They are great! Not to mention all of the recent postings on Mimeo Mimeo. Everything of late is great! Keep it coming!

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