Product Placement

If you've bought and enjoyed Ginzap's Pond's Cold Cream, you must get your hands and genitals on Wiener's Orgasm Tonic. Drink the hard stuff.

The Wiener ad is the last page of the last issue of Fuck You. I have read through the entire run. Prepare for some generalizations.

I see three phases to Fuck You, a magazine of the arts. The first four issues spurted from the peace and civil right activities of Sanders. The first issue was printed on the Catholic Workers' mimeograph machine and these early issues are full of the gossip and playful banter of the movement. The poems read like turned on camp songs. Nelson Barr, Al Fowler and Sanders are the core of the mag.

The shift in bibliographic numbering in Issue Five (Number 5 Vol. 1, Vol.2, etc) represents a shift in focus. The magazine expands to more fully represent the literary freak scene of the Lower East Side. Barr's Bouquet of Fuck Yous are a carry over from the early issues but more established poets, like Charles Olson, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Frank O'Hara, Allen Ginsberg, Leroi Jones, or Michael McClure (who was living in NYC at the time) as well as the Four Lady Poets of the 1962 Corinth/Totem publication (Carol Berge, Barbara Moraff, Diane Wakoski, Rochelle Owens), take over.

In the later issues the Bouquet section disappears and the size of the magazine expands. This is particularly true of Number 5, Vol. 7. The editorials get longer and the visuals of the magazine become more ambitious, see Warhol's Couch Cover. Sanders is struggling with the limitations of mimeo. There are plans for a prose issue of Fuck You, prose being a labor intensive process on the mimeograph. In addition images like Warhol's have to be thermofaxed. By this time, Sanders puts out a call for an offset press to meet these demands and to expand production. The twelveth and thirteenth issue were incredibly strong issues visually and it is clear that Sanders was increasingly becoming intrigued with the possibilities of other media like music and film. In January 1966, the police raided Peace Eye and effectively ended Fuck You magazine. Yet reading through the entire run, it seems that Sanders was in the process of moving in a new direction.


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