And Now Right "Before Your Very Eyes"

Before Your Very Eyes.  Raworth, Tom (ed..  First edition. 20 x 30 cm, 6 leaves including wrappers, illustrated by William Jahrmarkt. London, Goliard Press. 1967.

The first (and only) issue of an 'occasional magazine' from Goliard Press that included Olson, Raworth, Saroyan, Koller, Padgett, Hirschman.  The correct publishing date is 1967 not 1964 as elsewhere reported.  This magazine reminds me of Olympia Magazine or even Evergreen Review in that it promoted the authors published by the press.  It is almost a catalog.  Olson, Saroyan, Padgett, Hollo, and Hirschman all had books published by Goliard Press in this period.  Raworth edited the magazine and co-founded the press with Barry Hall.  Billy Jahrmarkt provided the pictures.  "Billy Batman" was associated with the Semina Circle of Wallace Berman.


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