A NEW BOOK FROM ROME by John Weiners

Posting this prospectus for our friends at Bootstrap Press.



jadecar said...

Man, and now this! A new Wieners edition in the pipeline. It's almost too good to be true. Any new publication by Wieners is nothing short of a historical event so far as I'm concerned, but this NEW BOOK FROM ROME is beyond the pale. I can only hope that after these initial special editions have been sold off those beautiful cats at Bootstrap, Ryan and Derek, up there in redbrick Lowell, will find it within themselves to publish another less expensive edition for us poor folk. I'd love to own the thing, but have trouble feeding myself most weeks, let alone dropping fifty on a limited edition, tho I'm sorely temmpted to starve myself for a few days in order to do so. Won't be the first time I've foregone eating to buy books. And thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, Charley Shively. I will write you personally to thank-you, rest assured.

And, hey Kyle and Jed, have you done anything on Wiener's Measure magazine yet? Just curious. I own two real issues, I think one and Two and had to settle for a photocopy of issue three. I'll try and scan them and send them to you, but last time I tried to scan/send something to someone it didn't work, so I'm not sure that I can do it. You guys probably have copies of Measure anyways. Only ran for the three issues if I'm not mistaken, but everyone was in them.

On a different note, however, I recently came across a site that offers downloads of Gerrit Lansing's very important and influential mag: SET I and Set II. An extremely esoteric and influential little mag from like '63 and '64 out of Gloucester, Mass. Incredible amount of good material within its pages.


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