Homage Umbrage Quibble & Chicane

This collection of found poems was gathered by Jonathan Williams in 1980 and printed around New Year's in 1981 in Roswell, New Mexico with the assistance of Donald Anderson.  Anderson was an businessman (oil) with a passion for the arts.  By 1981, Anderson had long been a fixture in the Roswell art community.  Anderson sponsored the artists in residence program at Roswell beginning in 1967.  Anderson owned a home in Corn Close and must have become friendly with Williams there, which may have led to his support of Jargon Society.  More information is always appreciated.

This collection serves as a holiday card of sorts.  In 1979, Williams sent to various friends "Glees...Swarthy Monotonies...Rince Cochon...& Chozzerari for Simon."   "Homage" was mailed to roughly 120 friends in the United States and Great Britain.  Williams writes, "This is a few less than last year's [collection] because of one or two deaths and because some have inactive addresses and because some never bothered to acknowledge the earlier book.  The author trusts politeness more by the minute in our slovenly times." 

Here is the list of friends numbers 20-30 from the United States:

Dr. Shelley Brown
Bill Burruss
George Butterick
William Corbett
Cid Corman
Thorns Craven
Robert Creeley
Guy Davenport
John Davis
Robert Duncan
William Dunlap



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