One Small Step...

The first volume of a three volume history of Modernist magazines has been out for a few months. It is rather expensive, but I felt it was worth it. Dealing with British mags, this volume clocks in at over 800 pages and is packed with information. What is exciting about the book is the method in which the magazines are read critically. There is special attention to advertisements, images and illustrations, tables of contents etc. There is much more to a literary magazines than the literature. The paratext is key as well.

Unfortunately, this project by Oxford University Press ends in 1955. I like to think that that date refers to the reading of Howl at the Six Gallery, which changed everything in the poetry world in a manner similar to Eliot's The Waste Land in 1922. After 1955, there was an explosion in little magazines, the Mimeo Revolution, that is ripe for a study like this one. It takes time. First was the study of Victorian Mags then Modernist. The Mimeo Revolution is next in line. No doubt it will happen. Secret Location on the Lower East Side was the first step. Mimeo Mimeo is merely the next on a path to a full critical/scholarly history of the topic.



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