Before Grenier Made His Major Statement

John Wieners guest edited Floating Bear #33.  Like many of the guest edited issues after Leroi Jones left, it is pretty haphazard and chaotic stuff, but I love these issues.  You never know what is going to turn up.  Issue 33 features an early poem by Robert Grenier around the time his first collection, Dusk Road Games, was published out of Cambridge.

A Race

Picking strawberries,
in the sun,
on opposite sides of a row,
she says, “I’ll race you!”

the bitch, and we did, picked
berries & runners & leaves & straw
laughs mad dashed in our baskets
whirled about hair, and there

was an immense, red, “Mine!”
I cried, my fingers upon it,
her hand upon mine, “No.”r

Sap.  Her soft, black hair.
She won:  the wondrous berry
raised and placed in her mouth.

Robert Grenier
Cambridge 1962



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