The Devouring Gaze and Looking for Oneself

In comparison to the 1960s, the Mimeo Revolution of the 1970s placed women front and center. More women poets, editors, printers and publishers out on their own.  A collection like Cornith/Totem's Four Young Lady Poets isolated women poets together, while separating them from the larger anthologies, think Allen's New American Poets, which likewise featured four women poets.  I made a list of standalone true mimeos showcasing a woman poet from the 1960s or mimeo presses operated by women.  It is a short list.  Bernadette Mayer was on that list with Ceremony Latin, which was self-published in 1964.

Studying Hunger was a joint publication between Adventures in Poetry and Big Sky.  Yet another book from 1975.  Busy year in Bolinas.  Seems like Berkson spent most of his money at the printers and not the supermarket.



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