Crash Landing in Bolinas

Another early Big Sky publication.  1000 copies from 1972.  It makes sense that a Bolinas press would issue something from John Thorpe early on.  In a sense, he is Bolinas.  From The Cargo Cult:  "I address Bolinas as if it were a condition to be occupied."  As Kevin Opstedal states, he is Bolinas' Olson.  I love this cover.  So many poets crash landed in Bolinas.  Am I wrong to see the cover of Joanne Kyger's All This Every Day and Thorpe's The Cargo Cult as the Ying and the Yang of Bolinas in the early 1970s?

It is interesting that the only affordable copies of Thorpe's book are in Canada, the UK and Australia.  The appreciation for his work appears to have no borders.



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