And We Are Off At A Gallup

Just out of bed.  No coffee.  No cheese danish.  No bacon sizzling.  That will have to wait.  First I have to serve all those Mimeo Mimeo fans out there clamoring for the promised Big Sky posts.  You have all probably been up for hours hitting refresh.  Sorry about that.  The dogs let me sleep in a bit.  I do not want my readers dying of starvation.  You still hungry?  Starving.  Why don't you feast on some Dick Gallup.

A 1976 Big Sky publication of 750 copies, of which 26 lettered copies are signed by Gallup.  The limited editions are in the $350 range, but for the price of two copies of A Gronking to Remember you can get the paperback edition of Gallup's Above the Treeline.  Now that is a blue plate special!!!  Berkson serves it up hot and cheap.  A little Gallup is a better way to start the morning than a Grand Slam breakfast at Denny's.  Check the menu and order up.



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