If You Are Classy, You Ain't Mimeo

People wonder just what constitutes a Mimeo Revolution publication.  Like pornography, you know it when you see it.  I am not a purist; I do not think a mimeo mag has to be printed on a mimeograph or a similar business machine.  Professionally printed mags are a part of the Revolution, but if you are flipping through a mag and see a business reply card, that publication is not really a player in the Mimeo Revolution.  By statute, mimeo publications could not have first class mailing privileges.  They were not considered real magazines by the Post Office.  The govenment felt they had no business associating with the big boys, like Time, Life and Fortune, let along Poetry or Kenyon Review.  In my opinion, Evergreen Review and even Big Table have more in common with the print media Establishment than they do Fuck You or the professional mimeo mags like Yugen.



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