Mimeo Mimeo 9 and Then Possibly 10

Mimeo Mimeo #9 is out and making the rounds:
Susan Vanderborg on Fiona Templeton’s Cells of Release
Estee Schwartz on the convergence of artist and small press books
Sophie Seita interviewing Ken Edwards and Robert Hampson of Alembic
Ariel Evans on Floating Bear and Semina

The issue was designed along the Lines of a classic mimeo (but really not as it turns out, Cafe Wha??), but performed with desktop publishing software and photocopiers.  Faux-retro.  Part parody, part performance art.  As an object it serves as an introduction into our somewhat amorphous vision for Mimeo Mimeo 10.  Initially sketched on a beer coaster at the Longbranch in Austin during the South by Southwest festival, Mimeo Mimeo 10 looks something like this:  

Naturally, the original beer coaster (Lone Star) has been preserved in the extensive and meticulously maintained Mimeo Mimeo archives in case any library,  institution, or individual collector is interested.  If you have any essays or algorithms to make this vision come into focus, send them our way by August 1st.



chuck.godwin said...

how can I order 9?

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