The Mastermind of the Mimeo Revolution

It is tough to overestimate just how important a figure Jones/Baraka was in the early Mimeo Revolution network.  He was the connection in New York City.  This advertisement from Kulchur #3 is a great snapshot of the alternative press scene of the early 1960s.  Jargon, Totem, Auerhahn cooking up the illicit product and the Phoenix Bookshop pushing it to the word addicts.  At the time, the alternative press was truly a criminal enterprise (around this time Floating Bear faced legal action) and in many respects Jones/Baraka was its mastermind as this ad makes clear.  Listed as "The Mind", Jones/Baraka clearly calls all the shots and orders the hits on the literary establishment.  Most of these contracts were carried out in the pages of Kulchur and other little mags.



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